CHPVA Awards 2015

Celebrating the best in professional practice

The first ever CPHVA Awards took place in London in March 2012 and it has been growing in stature ever since, recognising the work of Community Practitioners and Health Visitors across the UK and beyond.

The Awards acknowledge the exceptional work that our members carry out with such dedication. To build on the success of last year’s awards, the 2015 Awards will be incorporating the CPHVA Education and Development Trust MacQueen Awards.

The CPHVA Awards will take place in the stunning setting of the Oxo Tower Wharf, London, on Friday 27th March 2015, at a lunchtime ceremony that is the annual opportunity to recognise the achievements of the profession at your own national awards.

The deadline for nominations has now closed. Shortlisted finalists will be announced soon.

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The categories for 2015 are:

To find out more about each category and how to make your nomination, click on the category that you would like to nominate someone for.

What it means to 2014 award winners

The CPHVA Awards ceremony took place on 28 March 2014 at the Oxo2 in London, recognising the work of community practitioners from across the UK. Each year the CPHVA Awards gives the organisation the opportunity to reward and celebrate members’ achievements providing high-quality care to the populations they serve.

Opening the ceremony, CPHVA Vice-President, Chris Cloke, welcomed all attendees and guests, and acknowledged their hard work in the face of NHS reform, job cuts and upheaval. He said, ‘There is a lot of excellent work being undertaken in every city, town and village around the country. This is often unsung, but today we celebrate good practice, the kind that takes place daily, often in difficult circumstances.’

Carolyn Taylor, Chair of the CPHVA Executive Committee, took to the stage to offer her thoughts. ‘In community practice working mainly with children and their families, thanks and appreciation don’t often come. But when you meet mums 15 years on and they recognise you as their health visitor it gives you that warm feeling. Please accept our thanks on behalf of practitioners at work today and be proud of yourselves. For those finalists who are not announced winners, please consider yourselves winners. Go back to your workplace and encourage colleagues to nominate themselves and others so that they have the opportunity to join us next year.’

Next, the new President of the CPHVA, Guardian journalist and commentator Polly Toynbee, told the audience that she is honoured to take on the role and that she will work hard to listen to members’ concerns and raise awareness of issues pertinent to the community practitioner workforce. She said, ‘I think the work you do is fantastic. I have followed it throughout my career campaigning on social issues and I value the community nursing world, particularly at a time when there are such pressures and horrendous caseloads – I don’t know how you manage. You are very much at the front line of a political battle that is going on and I think it will be for you to raise your voices, and I will on your behalf, about what “community” really means.’

After lunch and the awards presentation, Elizabeth Anionwu, CPHVA Vice-President, closed proceedings with a simple but heartfelt message.She said, ‘People often say to me, “What does CPHVA actually stand for?” Well, I’ve broken down the acronym for this afternoon. I think it means Celebrating Practice, as that’s what we are here for today. As for HVA, I believe that all of you should be Heartily Valued Always!’

Award Winners 2014

STUDENT of the Year

Winner: Gemma King

Finalists: Amanda Dore

Gemma is a Health Visitor at Northenden Health Centre in Manchester. She said: ‘Attending the CPHVA Awards in London was an incredible experience and I will remember it forever. I felt absolutely overjoyed and honoured to receive the award. I am grateful for the invaluable support of my practice teacher, Martha Gibbons, who guided me along the way, and who will always be a well respected role model to myself and many other students. Also, the Northenden Health Visiting team within Central Manchester Foundation Trust, thank you!’

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Winner: Ruth Oshikanlu

Finalists: Maggie Warner, Maggie Mayne

Ruth is a Health Visitor at Lewisham and Greenwich Community Health Services. She said: ‘I am elated and greatly honoured to have won this award. It will motivate me to continue on my mission to share my expertise and passion with colleagues and clients, and champion health visiting. I am hoping that it will inspire other community practitioners to apply next year.’

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SCHOOL NURSE of the Year

Winner: Shirley Phillips

Finalists: Claire Elwell, Margaret Bunting

Shirley is Senior School Nurse at Central London Community Health. She is a qualified SCPHN and does a great job leading staff, ensuring all grades are supported in working to their full potential. Shirley works hard to raise the profile of school nursing services.

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Winner: Clinical Team Leaders, St George’s Trust

Finalists: Locala Community Partnerships, Huddersfied and Sussex SCPHN Education Partnership, Sussex Community Trust, Brighton University

The team said, ‘In light of the very stiff competition we were surprised and delighted to receive the award. It was lovely to be nominated by our manager Zoe in the first instance but to win was the icing on the cake. We would like to thank the CPHVA for a great day, not to mention the fabulous views of the Thames and the equally fabulous lunch shared with new friends.’

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Winner: Isabelle MacDougall

Finalists: Suzanne Lamb, Helen Dunning

Isabelle is School Nurse Network Lead at Bradford District Care Trust. She said, ‘I have provided leadership to school nursing services in the Bradford district for more than 15 years and was delighted to have been nominated. I am even more delighted to have won on behalf of the teams who provide an exemplary service to the children, young people and their families’.

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Winner: Stella Mann

Finalists: Rebecca Errington, Gina Lemar

Stella is CNN at Canford Heath Group Practice, Dorset. She said, ‘I feel very proud to have been nominated by the wonderful team I work with and it’s an even greater privilege to have won this award. It is lovely to be recognised for the work that I do as a CNN, both locally and nationally.’

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Winner: Justine Rooke

Finalists: Suzanne Alford, Joan McLeish

Justine is a Health Visitor at Harrogate and District Foundation Trust. She said: ‘To be recognised for my contribution to health visiting has been an awesome experience. I feel proud and honoured to have won this award. I work within such a dedicated team of HVs and SNs that to be nominated by colleagues has made it extra special to me. The award has lifted the spirits of the whole team and Harrogate Children’s Services. I am still smiling like a Cheshire cat!’

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EDUCATOR of the Year

Winner: Dr Karen Whittaker

Finalists: Steve Lyon, Blanche Sutton

Karen is Senior Lecturer at the School of Health, University of Central Lancashire. She said, ‘I was stunned and delighted to be nominated, and to win is terrific. I‘ve been lucky enough to have been exposed to some brilliant role models in practice, research and education. They’ve inspired me and I hope I can do the same as we move forward with a new generation of health visitors ready to champion the needs of children and families.’

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Winner: Alison Baum


The CPHVA Advocate of the Year Award is unique in that we do not seek nominees; rather, it recognises an individual who has offered positive support and encouragement to the professional disciplines within the CPHVA. Acting on suggestions from CPHVA members as well as their own observations, the CPHVA Professional Team come together to decide who has best displayed these qualities over the preceding year. The recipient may not necessarily be a member of CPHVA or have a nursing background, but their work and advocacy will be well known to us. This year’s winner, Alison Baum is founder and CEO of children’s charity Best Beginnings.

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